Control Freak is a leader in the home automation industry in California.  We provide the following services:

Wifi System

With our Wifi system, you will have the fastest, most reliable, most secure wireless system on the market.

Whole House Audio

With our whole house audio solution you can listen to your favorite music anywhere in your home.  All of your CDs, your MP3 collection, radio, or satellite can be at your fingertips – playing simultaneously in different rooms.

Lighting Control

Would you like your interior lights to come on at a certain time of the day?  Would you like to change the lighting in a room with a touch of a remote?  Change the mood or highlight a special area of your home?  All of this becomes easy with one of our lighting automation solutions.

Climate Control

You can also now more efficiently control the climate in your home – based on the use of the room, or the time of the day – not only making you more comfortable, but saving you money as well.

Automated Blinds & Shades

By installing automated blinds or shades, you’ll enjoy your privacy with the press of a button.  Adding shades to windows also has numerous advantages – which include energy savings.


With our integrated technology, you can monitor your security system from any room in your home, or remotely on your smart phone, or over the internet.  You stay safe and secure!


You can integrate an intercom system with your phones and internet – allowing you to make calls and check to see who is at the door without leaving your recliner!


Control Freak specializes in complete home, business computer network systems – including wireless, firewall, routing, switching, servers, and vpn for secure connections to your home, business networks when you are away.

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